Security and Staffing, Household Staff Sourcing


Elegance Star provides highly competent, high calibre, close protection Operatives for your complete security whilst in the UK or abroad. Experienced in VIP security, executive protection and other types of close protection, our operatives maintain a professional approach and remain conscious of our clients' public profiles at all times.

Our operatives blend in with their surroundings to offer covert discreet security, or a more overt presence to suit the requirements of given situations being available for individuals, families and multi-national corporations.

Our bespoke personal security services range from a single close protection operative to an entire security team or permanent on-site private security (Residential Security Team); executive or VIP security for one-off events or for a long-term deployment and chaperoning.

All of these services can be tailored to your specific requirements with our personal security advisers, assessing, identifying and managing risk in all cases for individuals, corporations and assets.

Staff Recruiting

Elegance Star can help clients find lasting solutions to their private staffing requirements, in London, throughout the UK and Internationally. Through the combined and complementary sectors of Private Households and Estates, Childcare and Education and Catering and Hospitality, we offer a comprehensive service, unrivaled in our field.

Household Managers, Butlers, Nannies Maternity Nurses, Housekeepers, Couples, Chauffeurs, Private Chefs, Waiting Staff, Personal Assistants, Tutors and Governesses.